Hoop to hoop Feb 2018


Congratulations to all the people who have been playing Twilight Doubles all through January.  Well done!

I contacted Susan Edwards, our contact at Council, on Monday.  She informed me that there had been some progress at Council level but not to get too excited because there was a rescission motion to be put to council at the next meeting on 27 February. I think it may very well be worth putting a Deputation to Council and remind them that there is a minute on the books from 20 December 2016 which gives them 2.5 years to build our new courts in their entirety or we will be allowed to stay where we are and develop the other Tennis Courts as we proposed to do originally.

Thank you to all the members who have taken the time to attend our meetings.  The Committee appreciates your support also your input, it’s very valuable.


Twilight doubles are being well supported with 16 members playing each week

Four members played in the Sutherland Intercept tournament on the Australia day weekend, Brian Mitchell was the only winner, winning his doubles block with Sue Booth from Sutherland, Larry Becroft, Graeme Lovell and I had an enjoyable time but didn’t bring home any trophies

Combined probus clubs have made bookings Monday 28th of May and Monday and 29th September, 9am start on both days

Gerroa probus club have booked Friday 9/3/18 for 20 to 25 players for croquet and morning tea. I have printed a calendar of events for our club and would like to include a GC singles tournament October Friday 19th to Monday 22nd.

I Talked to U3a course organiser Eric Courtney about running a course with them next term, I suggest 3 Friday mornings from 10am to 12 noon the dates I have in mind are 11th 18th and 25th of May $15 for the three days.

I would like to suggest that we hold a Come and try and plant sale on a Saturday at a date and time to suit Len Muir as Len has a lot of plants we could put on morning tea and maybe get some people interested in playing Croquet.

David Hanbidge will be travelling to Melbourne on the 15th Feb to play in the Presidents 8 which will be played from the 16th to 18th February, best wishes to David.

GC pennant entries close on the 1st march we need to send entries in for all divisions


David Knott and I had a meeting with Craig Wright from PJC Sportsturf (a company who supplies fertilizers and Chemicals to Bowling clubs, golf clubs and any other sports clubs in the district, Craig can get things like Monument and other sprays a lot cheaper than we are currently paying at Bishops. He can service the mower much quicker that the service we are getting from Greg day, Sportsturf have a man who comes and picks up the mower and returns it in two days.

The Mower blade I ordered is the wrong one, Specialized mower parts are happy for us to return the blade for a refund and send us the correct one or we can get the correct one from either Days who can only get a 30inch and cut it down, or from Sportsturf and they will fit it for us.

Ralph has filed the old blade is working well now.  Michael sprayed for ants 13/2/18


General Business, Discussion on 50m pool outcome and that the club supports it to stay.

Discussion re plant sale during carnivals at the pool.  Captain to discuss with Len.

Discussion re lawn sprayer, grants to be sort to purchase same


As at 31 December 2017 Statement Account: $5,962.39

As at 31 January 2018 Statement Account: $5,506.78

As at 31 January 2018 Term Deposit #1: $67,695.21 (due: 21 August 2018)

As at 31 January 2018 Term Deposit #2: $12,000.00 (due: 12 July 2018)

FYI and Use: Nowra Croquet Club Bank Details at Bendigo Bank:

BSB: 633 000         A/C No. 154288179    A/C Name: Nowra Croquet Club Inc.

**You will notice a drop in the balance of our statement account over the last 2 months. I believe that this is due to a number of factors. We have spent more on court maintenance due to the season (Jamie mows often twice a week over the summer and our hard working grounds committee has undertaken some overdue feeding and spraying – the courts look fabulous!). At the same time our income has dropped: many members do not like to play in the heat, holiday season with traffic and visiting relatives have also kept members away and of course we dropped our daily and weekly rates last year. I am sure as the year progresses that finances (like the All Ords) will recover.

**Many members are purchasing a weekly ticket at the beginning of each week which is great but be aware that by the end of the week you may find it difficult to change a $50 or $20 note when paying green fees. There is some change (3 x $5) in the bottom of the black box but I am loath to leave too much change and it may already be used before I do a money pick-up. Correct money will make it easier on everyone! You can of course purchase weekly or daily tickets online using the above bank details. Thanks!

**FYI: a New Zealand $1 coin is larger than an Australian $1 coin! Fancy that?  KAREN JAMES